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"Both of my children have thrived under the loving care of Precious Moments staff."


"My daughter started in the toddler room and recently graduated from the preschool program; she is off to a great start at elementary school after receiving consistent care and guidance from Miss Kate. I really have to credit Miss Kate and Miss Kathy for a medical breakthrough with my daughter. During nap time, they noticed she was experiencing episodes of sleep apnea. They brought up their concerns to me and within 3 weeks my daughter was sleeping peacefully."


"My son started as a 12 week old infant and has been so excited to see his teachers at times that he would leap into their arms at drop off. At pick up, he would be in the lap of another teacher, always being loved. Currently, my son is in the preschool program, and loving it as much as his sister did."


At the beginning of the pandemic, and all throughout, Miss. Kathy has made safety the number one priority for the children and her staff. She communicates clearly what the expectations are. Not only has the center been strict with safety rules, they have somehow made all of this FUN for students. Spa day, Pirate Day and Glow in the Dark Day have been my children’s favorite themes."


"After having both children attend Precious Moments for the last 3 years, I can without hesitation say that all the providers TRULY care for their students. As a mom, the amount of love shown to my children while I am at work is paramount to me, and that is what both of my children have received. I feel safe knowing that they have such creative, kind, loving teachers."


"After 3 years with Precious Moments, the staff and facility feel like extended family and a second home for my children."

Mary Shepard

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