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Covid- 19 Precautions 

During the current Covid-19 virus pandemic, Precious Moments Daycare Center is taking strict precautions to help protect the children, staff, and parents. Some are as follows; there is a new drop off and pick up procedure in place and there are no visitors allowed in the building while the children are present without the director's approval. Tours of the center are only scheduled after hours when there are no children in the building. We have a travel advisory policy that we follow, and we ask that no personal belongings are brought from home. To limit the outside germs from being tracked inside and on our floors/carpets, we have implemented a no-shoe policy indoors. Sanitizing and disinfecting occurs consistently throughout the day; the children and staff's hands are washed more frequently. If the children are showing any symptoms of covid or any illness for that matter, we ask that you keep your child home and follow the more detailed illness policy that is stated in the parent handbook. We ask that all parents and staff that let us know of any potential exposure immediately. All of the policies are in our parent handbook that is given out during the registration process. These policies are updated as needed.

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