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Our Team


Miss. Kathy

Owner/ Director/ Head teacher

Kathy opened Precious Moments on January 18th, 1993. She graduated from UConn with a Bachelor's degree in family studies. Kathy is always present in the daycare, from open to close. It is safe to say that kids are her passion and she loves what she does! She is also an avid animal lover! There are just too many positive qualities to describe such a selfless and loving person.


Miss. Kate

Preschool Teacher

Kate joined our team in January 2002. After having worked in all three rooms, she has found that her niche is the preschool. She does an amazing job at preparing the children for kindergarten. Kate's lively personality, creativeness, and spunky self is just what the older children thrive on! She is a boss's dream!


Miss. Eliza

Toddler Teacher

Eliza joined our team in September 2019. She has a soft spot for children and you will always see her with a smile on her face. Eliza is a team player and does everything with love and enthusiasm! She truly knows how to make anyone's day better. The kids adore her and her nurturing nature.


Miss.  Heather 

Toddler Teacher

Heather attended Precious Moments as a child, and went on to join our team as a toddler teacher in the summer of 2021. She quickly took initiative in both the classroom and with administrative support. She demonstrates her creative mind through artwork with the children. The kids and staff love her goofiness!


Miss. Mya

Assistant Toddler Teacher

Mya is an absolute ray of sunshine! She has lots of experience with kids from babysitting and helping to care for her younger siblings at home. She plans to study business and early childhood education in college. Her dream is to open a childcare center one day! 


Miss. Sofia

Assistant Toddler Teacher

Sofia joined our team in February 2022. She is excellent with the children and they all gravitate towards her. She shows great leadership, takes initiative, and is always willing to assist in any way she can! Sofia is currently going to school to become a nurse. We know that she will make an incredible nurse one day!


Miss. Nina 

Assistant Infant Teacher

Nina was the missing piece to our puzzle. She brings lots of positive vibes. She handles every situation with such grace and a smile on her face. She has 2 beautiful daughters, and her motherly instincts carry over to the care that she gives everyone here.


Miss. Andreia

Assistant Infant Teacher

Andreia joined our team in 2021. She has years of experience being a mother and a nanny. Andreia will bend over backwards for us and do anything in her power to lend a helping hand. She absolutely adores children and is as nurturing as can be.

Miss. Shallan

Assistant Infant Teacher

Shallan joined our team with lots of years of experience from babysitting. She is currently attending college as an early childhood education major in hopes to one day become a Kindergarten teacher. Her middle school teacher is the one who inspired her to want to become a teacher herself. She loves children, babies especially, and has the patience of a saint, making her the perfect fit for our infant room.


Mr. Benjamin

Assistant Preschool Teacher

Benjamin is as quirky as can be and we love him for that! He has been very dedicated to the Boy Scouts of America program since he was a young boy, and he just recently got promoted to an Eagle Scout! He is so excited to come to work everyday and loves being here. Benjamin is always willing and eager to jump right in to whatever the day brings, with nothing but a smile on his face.


Mr. Trevor

Assistant Toddler Teacher

Trevor attended Precious Moments as a child. He has been around the daycare his whole life, and is finally old enough to join our team! He is just as energetic as the children are, making him the fun teacher, for sure! The kids faces light up when he walks in the room. He loves anything and everything to do with sports. 

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