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Precious Moments Daycare Center

Unlocking Curiosity

About Precious Moments Daycare Center

A Place to Grow

     Welcome to Precious Moments Day Care Center, Inc. We are happy to have the opportunity to meet you. We believe there is no greater investment in a better future than to positively influence the love of children. As childcare professionals, we strive to make the transition to Precious Moments Day Care as smooth as possible. Each child will receive our utmost respect as an individual who has special needs and feelings all their own.

     Toys are developmentally appropriate and especially chosen to strengthen fine and gross motor skills and encourage creativity. Each activity prepared for your child will be exercised at his/her own developmental level. We strive to build self-esteem, nurture positive self images and provide a secure learning environment in an atmosphere of joy and caring. We will fill each day with good things, for you have entrusted us with your most precious treasure…your child.

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